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"It’s insane how calming it is to have BB sit in on meetings."


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Auto-record and manual upload anywhere you are

Auto-record and accurately transcribe calls and recordings. Whether it’s Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets, Webex, or a record voice memos.

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BuildBetter auto-detects over 7 languages and 10 additional languages in manual support.

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Share the instant transcriptions and summaries with your team to keep them aligned.


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"It’s insane how calming it is to have BB sit in on meetings."


Head of Design

These aren't simplistic summaries

These are detailed summarizations custom-trained on over 15 types of product-related calls. They're good enough to copy and paste–without editing.

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More than just "take aways" — each summary type extracts specific information.

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BB will tag and write call briefs that make it easy to find any recording.

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Answer questions, find insights and themes, and dig in across all of your data.

"I'm pulling in a lot of summaries from discovery calls over the past several months. It wouldn't be possible to do this at scale without your application."

John Strang

Product Operations

Let's talk about it

BB Assistant (BBA) is embedded with your data, trained on 200+ product leaders, and over 2,000 product artifacts.

What would you say our differentiators is?

Scanning recordings...

Generating answer for you...

BuildBetter stands out in the market because it's not just a call recording tool—it's a product operations automation tool designed specifically for product teams and product-centric organizations. Our product's unique selling proposition lies in its ability to aid in decision-making, help manage and maintain processes, provide insights from calls, save time, and keep everyone in the loop with auto-updating project briefs and documents. We also offer a chat assistant that utilizes call data to assist users.





Analyse User Research

Drag as many calls as you want into chat, then have it analyze and find themes and pattern.


Scattered thoughts into structured documentation.

"Loving documents as it allows more structure."


Head of Design

Capture creativity; instantly shape ideas into documents that endure

Pick from structured workflows that generate documentation based on existing recording. From Customer Call Analysis, to Q&A Extractions, to Magic Minutes, to User Personas.


AI that knows WTF it’s talk about.

"Loving BB Chat with CustomContext now. Super helpful for brainstorming ideas like "What should the main tags be for our customer inquiries" without giving it any additional context.

Matthew Quan


Embed your company knowledge

Get better answers by embeding your companies knowledge straight into BuildBetter. Never provide context again. Think through strategy, prioritization, planning, or help write documents and find insights with no more than your question.

What problems are we focused on

right now?

At Pied Piper, we're currently directing our efforts towards two key problem areas identified from our interactions with users:

Improving User Experience: One of our main focus areas is enhancing the user experience of our compression platform. We've received feedback like "The platform could be more intuitive" and "Finding specific files is a challenge." These points, identified from our user calls recorded and transcribed in BuildBetter, have prompted us to reevaluate our platform's design and usability. We're exploring different design possibilities and conducting usability tests to ensure our improvements align with user needs.

Improving Compression Speed: The second problem we're addressing is improving our compression speed. During a call, a user mentioned, "The compression is excellent, but it could be faster." This feedback resonated with us, and our engineering team, led by Richard, is now focused on optimizing our algorithm to increase compression speed without compromising on the quality. We believe this will significantly enhance our users' experience with Pied Piper.

What are the top requests from #research calls this week?

Our recent #research calls, facilitated through BuildBetter, have provided us with valuable insights from our users. The top requests are:

Improved File Search: Users have expressed a need for a better file search mechanism within our compression platform. One user mentioned, "I love how you can compress files, but finding them can be a headache." We're taking this feedback to heart and exploring ways to improve file search and organization within Pied Piper.

Integration with Cloud Storage Services: Another frequent request is for Pied Piper to integrate with cloud storage services. As one user put it, "If Pied Piper could work directly with my cloud storage, that would make my workflow so much smoother." We're actively considering this valuable suggestion for our upcoming development sprints.

What commitments were made during our last project?

During the development of our revolutionary decentralized internet project at Pied Piper, we made several significant commitments.

Decentralized Internet Development: One of the key commitments was the continuous development and improvement of our product - the decentralized internet. As Richard Hendricks, our CEO, mentioned in a meeting, "We're committed to creating a web free of ads and centralized control." This commitment was a response to our vision of changing the way the internet operates and empowering the users with their data.

Peer-to-Peer Network Optimization: Another significant commitment was the improvement of the peer-to-peer network's efficiency and speed. As our system architect Bertram Gilfoyle pointed out, "To make the decentralized internet more appealing to users, we need to ensure it's as fast, if not faster than the current centralized systems." This commitment was a result of feedback from our early users who loved the idea but needed it to be as efficient as their current internet experience.

These commitments reflect our dedication to continuously improving and meeting our users' needs effectively.

Projects & Search

Stay at the 10,000 foot level.

No more status updating

Auto-updating project briefs means no more status updates. We automatically tag and label calls, then write a project brief for every active project at your company. Stay at the 10,000-foot level while maintaining inches away knowledge.

Never lose product knowledge

With auto-tagging, you can organize your calls by topic, tag, process, or use  auto-tagging to self-organize all your data.


Break down silos.

Keep organizational information

BuildBetter integrates with your favorite tools so you have a home for your product team.


Conscious Collaboration.

Public Call Sharing

Smart sharing that builds trust. Collaborate with integrity and confidence. Share calls and summaries to your team or customers. We don't charge for seats, so share away.

14 Dec

38 min



Spencer Shulem: 30 min meeting

Snap your sharpest, most colorful close-ups and group shots, thanks to a new TrueDepth. Whether you’re filming while hiking up a rocky trail or chasing your kids through the park, try Action mode.


Learn more

Demo Offer for V3 Product

Date: June 19, 2023

Attendees: Spencer Shulem

Sensitive: No

Tags: demo, customer success, product, engineering


Spencer offers a demo for their V3 product, which might be more suitable for the customer success management team at Connect Team. He mentions potential use cases within customer success and cross-collaboration between product engineering and customer success.

Demo Offer:

Spencer is offering a demo for their V3 product and will send an email with more information

Use Cases

Cross-collaboration between product engineering and customer success

Disseminating the voice of the customer back into the organization

Making decisions based on product team and engineering team input

Additional Notes:

Spencer is available to hop on another call and chat, aiming to provide assistance and support for the customer's needs

Privacy + Security

Privacy doesn’t just mean secure.

Privacy by Design, Control by Choice

Privacy reimagined — BuildBetter empowers with the first tailor-made call privacy controls. Your conversations are guarded with precision; share them on your terms, safely and intimately.

Participant Only





Call Privacy

You haven`t given BuildBetter permission

to send desktop notifications

Participant Only

GDPR, HIPAA, & SOC 2 Type 2

BuildBetter has audited security that’s built for B2B, scalable from zero to IPO, and private by default. We’re also cruelty free. Tested on product teams, not animals.


Segment users, personas,

and team members.

Find answers by user "type"

Ask questions about specific users and identify whose saying what. Clarify if you want answers by specific segment of customers, team members, or persona and ICP.

Create & Organize

Create new custom people types in settings and filter however you choose.

Person Types

Add New

Custom types



People who interview with us



A specialist providing services for specific projects



An individual who purchases and uses our product



Ideal Customer



A financial supporter aiding our business's growth and success



A specialist providing services

buildbetter types


Team Member

A collaborative member of our organization


Insights on Cue

Structured insights on a regular cadence

Get briefed briefs about customer calls over the past week or action items over the past day. Create your own briefs about whatever you want and get them at whatever cadence you choose.

Scheduled Tasks

New Task

Task Name

Team and individual standups or updates

Repeating on every Friday at 2:00 PM

Run Now

Task Name

Team and individual standups or updates

Set Repeating

Run Now

Task Name

Team and individual standups or updates

Repeating on every Friday at 2:00 PM

Run Now

Task Name

Team and individual standups or updates

Set Repeating

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Your Day at a Glance

Glance at what's upcoming

See your day unfold with BuildBetter. Effortlessly manage recordings, revisit recent calls, and spark new conversations — all with a few intuitive clicks. Your productivity, amplified.

Good morning, Adam

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User Research: Product Operations

in 4 min

Monday, February 8th

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM



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Product Feedback Process Update

in 3 hours

Monday, February 8th

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


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Friday, February 12th

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Product people save on avg. 6.5 hours per week on operational b.s. for just $100/mo which includes 15 recorded hours every month + $6 per recorded hour there after.

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transcribe, summarize, organize

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Some Name

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Some Name

Some Name is


transcribe, summarize, organize

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We plan to have

10 year relationships

with our customers

  • I wouldn't work for a company that doesn't have BB at the center of their operations.

    Tiger Smith

    Head of Product

  • We don't f**king operate without BuildBetter. This is the only damn platform that we use religiously.

    Aditya Goyal

    Product Manager

  • I'm not going to lie to you. We're f**king amazed by your product.

    Kevin Nguyen

    Director of Product

  • It was amazing that I was able to go into BuildBetter and say summarize key points from all of these different onboardings and boom, that blew me away.

    Alex Mohseni


  • It's probably one of the most intuitive products I've seen in a while.

    Kim Schoch

    BD Manager

  • Congratulations on rolling out an AI product that actually works.

    Seamus Smyth

    AI Director

  • Love BB Chat with CustomContext now. Super helpful for brainstorming ideas like "What should the main tags be for customer inquiries" without giving it any additional context.

    Matthew Quan